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Avenida Ejército Nacional 533 - 305 , Col Granada, Miguel Hidalgo , CP 11520


LATAM’s leader in SIM card manufacturing

With over 100 million pieces sold and over 15 years of experience, our chips power consumer devices across the continent.

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Selected partners:


We are a Mexican company established in Monterrey in 2005. Originally founded as World Cards de México, we began manufacturing prepaid cards for mobile devices. Today we specialize in SIM card manufacturing.

We are leaders in the field of security and data processing in smart cards for mobile devices.


We have been working together with Tianyu Company since 2013. Tianyu is a leader in the field of data security and smart card industry in China with more than 20 years of experience.

Our products

5g multifactor card

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3gpp network

Custom os

plugin + app dev

esim cards

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Custom os

plugin + app dev

m2m cards

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Long life

reduced use of space

Custom os

plugin + app dev

Internet of things

Nowadays, with the need to have remote control of everything that surrounds us, we have experienced an exponential growth of IoT (Internet of things) devices.

We work together with leading companies in the design and production of innovative devices that meet the needs of this emerging market.

Other products

Across the years we’ve partnered with many companies to create tailored solutions for their industries. Our unparalleled relationships with Chinese manufacturers make us the bridge between China and Latam to satisfy your company’s consumer electronic needs.

If you have a project you would like to discuss, reach us at contact@innodais.com

Security alarms

Digital supermarket tags

Bridging the gap between Latin America and China

We’ve cultivated a long and lasting relationship with our partners in China, giving us a competitive advantage in the tech industry. We can offer guidance and mentorship through the import process.