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Long life

Reduced use of space

Custom os

plugin + app dev

M2m cards

The technology

M2M (machine to machine) technology refers to communication between devices or machines using wireless or wired communication networks. It allows devices to exchange data and interact with each other without the need for human intervention.


Smart meters

Allow utility companies to remotely monitor and manage energy or water usage.

Industrial Automation

M2M technology can be used to automate and control various processes in industrial settings, such as manufacturing or supply chain management.


M2M technology can be used to monitor patients remotely, for example through the use of wearable devices that track vital signs and send alerts to healthcare providers if there are any problems.


M2M technology can be used to improve the efficiency of transportation systems, for example, by tracking the location and status of vehicles in real time and optimizing routes.

In general

M2M technology can help improve efficiency, reduce costs, and increase the speed and accuracy of communication between devices and systems.